• BlindDebauchery
  • November 13th, 2016

Trying to adjust to a new environment can be difficult, but things can get a little easier when you have a chance to meet people you can spend time with. It’s been a couple of months since they arrived, and things have seemed a little strange to them at first but they were already getting use to their new surroundings. The people from the new land they were living in sounded really different but were very nice. The transition to their new home didn’t take very long and before you knew it they had their routine down. Everyone had a different schedule but they still were able to meet up a few nights a week. Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were typically the nights they went out, and they looked forward to every one of them. Thursday was the next night up and the club they usually went to was always a good time. The friends saw each other during the day, and made all their arrangements for the night. Evening was finally here and it was time for another night on the town. They finally made it to the club and there were beautiful women everywhere even the parking lot. The two friends made their way into the club and did as they always did. They went to the bar for a drink and to chill for a bit as they soaked up everything around them. It wasn’t long before they spotted a group of women standing by themselves, and decided to make their way over to them and say hello. Everyone introduced themselves and seemed to hit it off pretty quickly, they flagged down a waitress and decided to have a drink together. After they had a few drinks everyone decided to part ways and walk around to see what else was going on in the club. As everyone went off to do their own thing, one of the guys decided to stay behind to talk to one of the woman, they had a good conversation and eventually they also went off to do their own thing as well. As this was going on the other friend went to go use the restroom, as he was coming out one of the girls from the group they met earlier pushed him back into one of the stalls and started to kiss him. He came out and told his friend it was going to be one of those nights as he began to tell him what just happened. After hearing the story it was time for him to find someone for himself. Funny thing is he didn’t have to search long because despite already talking with a woman from the group the same women that pushed his friend into the bathroom stall walked up to him and said “What’s Up” he said nothing, what’s going on with you, and as they continued to talk she began to tell him her story. She told him that she was separated from her husband who was living in another country, and they were going through a divorce. As she continued her story her friend came back and without hesitation she told her that she wanted him and asked if it was okay if she took him home to her house. The friend said sure because she could wait until next week to have him for herself. As he stood there and heard them talk about him as if he wasn’t there he told his friend that he was going home with the young lady. When she got him back to her friends apartment she began to take his clothes off, they spent the entire night together and after having sex 4 times they finally decided to go to sleep for few hours. That is until they got a knock at the door where they heard a man’s voice yelling, asking “where is she” this made the young man sit up and ask who was at the door and without missing a beat she said oh that’s just my husband. He said what do you mean your husband, I thought you said you were getting a divorce, and he lived out of the country, it was just then that he realized that everything she said was a lie, and he needed to get out of there, but after he got some rest. She grabbed his shirt and went downstairs to attend to what was happening at the front door, while wearing another mans shirt. It was finally time for him to go home, but because of what was going on he didn’t have a chance to get his shirt back, so unfortunately he had to go home shirtless, luckily for him he was wearing overalls so he didn’t have to be completely shirtless, but as he continued his walk of shame down the street to cat calls from woman and school girls who were on the street, he tried to hold on to his dignity, but it was difficult. He just wanted this the memory of it all to be over, soon he found a taxi to take him home. When he finally made it to his neighborhood, he ran into a couple of friends who just stared at their friend who was walking down the street without a shirt on. All he could do was say don’t ask, so they didn’t, they just looked at each other and laughed as he went into his home, shutting the door behind himself.